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Lunus Confector

Otherwise known as James Routley, 23, I'm a Psychology graduate from Devon in the United Kingdom.

I havn't got a specific theme for my blog, I just post whatever I like, which is usually a mix of stuff I find funny or interesting. I'm an avid traveller and ameteur photographer, there's a tab at the side with some of my pictures in it.

So you can expect a lot of photography, art, music (mainly metal, rock, industrial and dubstep), nerdy posts and social justice issues from me. I try not to go too overboard on any one of those areas.

I spent the day working as a photographer for a local paper because the Somerset reporter for that area was sick. Next friday some of my pictures should be in the paper!

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According to chemistry, alcohol IS a solution.


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I wish I could illegally download clothes

Give it a few years.

Seriously, just give 3d printers some time to develop.

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