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Lunus Confector

Otherwise known as James Routley, 23, I'm a Psychology graduate from Devon in the United Kingdom.

I havn't got a specific theme for my blog, I just post whatever I like, which is usually a mix of stuff I find funny or interesting. I'm an avid traveller and ameteur photographer, there's a tab at the side with some of my pictures in it.

So you can expect a lot of photography, art, music (mainly metal, rock, industrial and dubstep), nerdy posts and social justice issues from me. I try not to go too overboard on any one of those areas.

There can be only one!

I’m so proud of myself, I’ve managed to usurp the second position for when you search my name on Facebook! I did wonder if more people searched for you, if you’d come up higher on the list, and it seems you do. I used to be third but from making friends while traveling I’ve now worked my way up the ranks. I’m coming for you James Routley number one!

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When I get home I’m going to miss a lot of the foods over here, green tea ice cream, trifle crepes, chocolate iced coffees, genuine sushi, Korean BBQ… I just hope they have some of this stuff in Vancouver.

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It's soon monsoon season do you think that will effect your travels?


It’s technically been the rainy season the whole time I’ve been in Japan but I’ve seen less rain than at home, so I’m not too bothered. I know Singapore is supposed to be pretty hot and rainy anyway so I expect that.

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favorite place you've traveled to this year?


It depends what you’re using as your deciding factor. As a place to visit, Japan has, and continues to be amazing, it stands out on top for that because there’s so much to see and do, so many different areas for climate and geography, but the people are a bit too reserved for my liking. S Korea would probably be my choice if I were to move here as the people are more open, the drinks are cheaper, and the food is more to my tastes. As a place to visit though I don’t think it can measure up to Japan with the scale and variety of things it has to offer.

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Spam me with asks, anon or not

I know this is a stupid time to say this if I want anyone to do it, but timezones are a bitch and I have an evening to kill before my train tomorrow and nothing to do with it. But yes, ask me anything, make me choose between things, do whatever you like, let your imagination run free!

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