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Lunus Confector

Otherwise known as James Routley, 23, I'm a Psychology graduate from Devon in the United Kingdom.

I havn't got a specific theme for my blog, I just post whatever I like, which is usually a mix of stuff I find funny or interesting. I'm an avid traveller and ameteur photographer, there's a tab at the side with some of my pictures in it.

So you can expect a lot of photography, art, music (mainly metal, rock, industrial and dubstep), nerdy posts and social justice issues from me. I try not to go too overboard on any one of those areas.

One of the bar waitresses looks like a Cypriot Anna Kendrick.

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I figured out how to solve the problem of losing my table at the bar every time I want a drink, leave a Franz Kafka book to hold your place for you.

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One of the major downsides of chilling in a hotel bar by yourself to use their WiFi is that every time you get up you risk your seat being taken. I sat in 4 different places yesterday. Today some kind of disco seems to have appeared.

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Downside of being in North Cyprus -Turkish internet is pretty temperamental, especially with all the stuff going on in the mainland. Upside - Drinks are free at the hotel, so I can have all the wine I want.

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